Monday, April 18, 2011

Strolling in the garden

The weather here in Virginia has been beautiful lately, so my girlfriend and I went for a stroll in Maymont park the other day. Maymont is a large, victorian era property overlooking the James River in Richmond, and is home to an extensive array of gardens and meadows shaded by giant, very old oaks and magnolias. While we walking (and as I was explaining each plant in detail, including the scientific latin names, as I’m in the habit of doing) I took a few pictures:




The last one is my favorite…the sun was coming in at just the right angle and really illuminated the trees and the grassy field. Unfortunately, I missed out on most of the cherries and magnolias. But dogwoods were smothered in white and pink blooms and redbuds still had a smattering of pink along their branches.

And here is a quick update on my AeroGarden lettuce. Not much longer and I’ll have salads in abundance! And this is only week 2 after planting the seeds in the pods, without having to manually water or fertilize!


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