Monday, June 6, 2011

Bees, Butterflies, and Blooms

After working on a few small planting projects around the yard (Pachysandra beneath the kitchen window, next to the walkway, and Caladiums and Hostas out front), I snapped a few more pictures of some of the shrubs and perennials starting to flower with the onset of the hot weather. Starting to see butterflies, a few hummingbirds, and bees coming out to sip nectar. Good to see the native flowers I planted paying off. I added milkweed, baptisia, coreopsis, and agastache this year to help out our insect friends whose populations have been falling dramatically due to overuse of pesticides, destruction of their natural habitats, and a number of other reasons. Hopefully by doing my part and encouraging others to help out as well by choosing native plants for their gardens, we can help restore our vital ecosystems and give our flying friends a chance at a comeback.


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