Friday, July 8, 2011

Veggie garden update

Decided to try something new this year and picked up an Okra plant at a local plant sale back in May. As a big fan of hibiscus, I was drawn to the large, palmate leaves and hibiscus-like yellow flowers. Brought it home, put it in a pot, and after struggling a little bit initially, it has really taken off and I’ve already harvested one pod with many more on the way.


I’ve noticed that the leaves get powdery mildew quite easily, considering the often humid, sticky climate here in Virginia. I spray it with EcoSmart Garden Fungicide and that seems to keep it under control.


We are having one the best harvests of tomatoes we’ve had in years! The last few seasons, tomatoes either pooped out from constant drought, or the squirrels made off with the ones that actually made it. ‘Solar Fire’ tomato is doing the best so far, as a heat resistant variety. The large tomato in the picture above is from ‘Solar Fire’. Also growing ‘Better Bush’ and ‘Early Girl’. Better Bush hasn’t needed a cage because of its compact, sturdy habit and Early Girl is putting out a TON of fruits.

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