Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learn to live with bugs

Found this terrific article on why even “organic” or “natural” bug/insect killer sprays still do great damage to our ecosystems.

It’s not as simple as just getting rid of the “bad” insects and protecting the “good” insects. ALL of them play a vital role in sustaining the ecosystems that keep our planet going. Those pesky bugs that feed on our plants are themselves preyed on by other insects, and when the “bad” bugs disappear from being sprayed, the good bugs that feed on them have nothing to eat, and are forced elsewhere. This sets off a chain reaction of sorts that has implications all the way up the food chain. Sure, you might be using an “organic” spray that contains only natural plant chemicals so it’s safe around kids and pets, and that’s great, but we should be learning to live with bugs. Some amount of chewed leaves is always going to happen to our plants, it’s just a matter of perspective. For example, the leaves on my Okra plant and a few other ornamental shrubs in my garden have quite a few holes and bites taken out of them, but knowing that I’m doing my part to save our bird, butterfly, and bee populations makes the little “messiness” worth it.

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