Friday, September 2, 2011

Propagation by cuttings, take 2

After several failed attempts at propagating cuttings of various shrubs in my garden the old fashioned way, I decided to try a new product I saw on the Territorial Seed Company™ website, called Gel2Root™. It looks like a package of clear pudding or jello. You puncture a small hole in the lid, and insert a softwood cutting down into it, and the gel inside acts as both water and fertilizer. Then place the gel w/ cutting in bright but indirect light and within a few weeks, supposedly you have a new plant growing.


I’m testing the gel with cuttings of gardenia, rosemary, witch alder, and wiegela. I’m probably pushing my luck with the wiegela and witch alder cuttings as those were almost semi-hardwood cuttings when I put them in, but I’m more into shrubs than perennials and thought I’d give it a try anyway.

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