Sunday, October 9, 2011

Change it up!

Great article here on the importance of rotating crops in vegetable beds (in-ground or raised), to avoid creating a monoculture that fosters disease and pests.

I have to admit to being guilty of not keeping up on rotating through crops when one group is finished. My “first love” is my ornamental garden…shrubs, perennials, vines, conifers, etc. and so that garden wins most of my attention and time. Trying to balance two jobs with the upkeep of the garden is difficult at times, and some chores end up slipping through the cracks. This year’s crops have been rather underwhelming, as I discussed in a previous post. As I am now finding out, it’s not enough to supplement garden soil with organic matter…the nutrients from manure and compost are quickly depleted by certain crops and need to be replenished by planting a different group of crops in that soil for the next season, and sowing cover crops (vetch, clover, buckwheat, etc.) between crops.

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