Friday, October 21, 2011

No luck with Gel2Root

Wanted to post a quick update on the rooting hormone gel blocks I was trying out a few weeks ago, to root cuttings. I took cuttings from Gardenia, Weigelia, and Buddleia and stuck them in the gel, and placed the gel cups by a south-facing window which gets bright indirect sunlight. I kept the cuttings misted, and put some of them under a plastic container, to maintain humidity. The result? After 2 weeks of just kind of hanging in there, the cuttings failed. Only the gardenia cuttings still looked decent, and even on that one I see no signs of rooting. The packaging said “for houseplants” but I felt brave and wanted to see if I could get some more plants from my garden outside. No such luck. For now, I’ll stick to seedlings and let nature do the work for me.

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