Thursday, January 5, 2012

Up close with birds

I was going through old pictures this evening, trying to clear some space off of my memory card, and found these shots I took of the bird feeder this summer, with bluebirds and cardinals feasting on the sunflower seeds, safflower, peanuts, and suet. I had to use the maximum zoom level on my camera, but I think they came out pretty well considering I only have 3x optical zoom and I was standing in the kitchen at the time.




It’s been a real treat hosting all kinds of birds in the yard since we started setting up feeders a year ago. We’ve seen cardinals, bluebirds, tufted titmice, chickadees, robins, various woodpeckers, catbirds, juncos, sparrows, and finches. The chickadees and titmice in particular have become accustomed to my presence as I work in the garden, so I’m able to get an up-close look at them while they perch and eat. Even more satisfying is seeing them fluttering and hopping around inside the shrubs and trees I’ve planted. I don’t think I’m far off from being able to designate my garden a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat.

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  1. Isn't inviting wildlife into the garden great? It took me almost 10 years after buying the first then this 2nd appreciate wildlife and birds in the garden.

    Almost as fun is seeing my neighbors, who prefer all rock yards, with perhaps a poorly-done planting, telling me their awe at how many birds, etc flock in here! (our hood is next to miles of wild foothills, and a dry wash with live oaks to draw them away)


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