Saturday, May 5, 2012

A look at JMU’s arboretum

Just got back this evening from my brother’s graduation ceremony at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Besides the obvious excitement of seeing his hard work pay off and his determined efforts rewarded, I got to take a brief look at JMU’s vast arboretum next to the campus. The arboretum is a sprawling woodland setting packed with native perennials, shrubs, and trees anchored by a small lake and criss-crossed by mulched pathways.




The park is so well designed, you would be shocked to learn that JMU (as of this writing) does not offer a horticulture program. Nevertheless, I plan on returning to spend more time getting lost in the woods!

The red pin below denotes the location of the arboretum relative to the rest of the JMU campus.

Map picture


  1. What a nice series of spaces...and complete with mature trees, with others added for more variety. What a concept here where there is hardly a tree!

    That's interesting how there is no hort program there. Seems they could provide even adult continuing ed classes with that arboretum as a classroom. Nice tour.

  2. Having lived in the Harrisonburg area and worked at JMU for 20+ years, it's nice to see the arboretum getting noticed. It's a beautiful space, with pluses and minuses. Definitely a work in progress like any garden.
    I'm curious if you are a member of the Virginia Native Plant Society? Great organization.


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