Thursday, October 4, 2012

Garden in transition

Not much going on in the garden right now...perennials are winding down, looking a little ragged and tired, shrubs are done blooming and are producing their seeds now. I had hoped to put in more plants that come alive in fall with reds, oranges, and bright yellows like witch hazel, witch alder, sweetspire, and others but long overdue chores took priority like putting in edging around the beds and laying down weed fabric in the paths so I can fill them with gravel.

While the ornamental garden takes a break, I'm keeping occupied with veggies. I recently picked the butternut squash and replanted the beds with several varieties of lettuce, collards, spinach, and arugula. This year, I decided to save some money and start everything from seed, and it's worked out quite well.

A few more things from around the garden, including a lucky shot I got of a downy woodpecker at the bird feeder, and caterpillars munching on my parsley:

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