Saturday, December 8, 2012

Try a living Christmas tree

When you head out to look at Christmas trees, consider something that can contribute to your garden, and skip the hassle of hauling a dead tree to the dump. If you have a sunny spot in your yard, a living tree can add texture and year-round color to the garden. Many nurseries put their leftover plants on clearance or big sales this time of year. Here are just a few evergreens you can keep inside for Christmas (don’t forget to keep it watered!) for a week or so, then transplant right out into the garden.

  • Hinoki falsecypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) – very slow growing, many dwarf cultivars, tolerates some shade
  • Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) – shade tolerant, slow growing, soft lacy foliage; lighter green new growth contrasts nicely with darker green older foliage
  • Junipers – (pick from J. chinensis or J. virginiana for upright/conical types), very tolerant of heat, drought, and cold; wide variation in colors.
  • Arborvitae – great for privacy screening; lots of different shapes and sizes and colors

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